What is a SEO Expert?

A SEO Expert Expert is a detailed oriented person which takes your business from being behind your competition & brings your business on the largest billboards online Google, Bing, Yahoo. A SEO expert is also proficient with Google Search Console, Analytics, Target Marketing & Content Writing to show you current results of your webpages. Some so-called SEO Experts utilize the internet to copy from other high ranking articles which is NOT unique content.

How does SEO help your Business?

Having your website ranking on the front page of major search engines is beneficial in many different aspects for your business.

  • Brings more Traffic to your site
  • More Leads

How long does SEO take?

I get this question a lot! If you’re looking to get rich tomorrow than SEO is not for you. SEO cannot be done over night. If you an under water basket weaver then yes, you could probably rank high quickly. If you are a lawyer in Orange County, Ca & would like to rank on the front page, it will take time & patience. SEO takes hard work & dedication. You can not learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO) over night. We have over almost a decade of experience using the best SEO strategies. An SEO Expert is always learning new ways to provide the best SEO service to our clients.

What businesses is SEO good for?

Another question we get all the time. Search Engine Optimization is good for any business. If you have a Mobile service, Location, or Online Store SEO can help your business tremendously. Go ahead and do a search of a competitor in your industry and also search a few keywords with your surrounding cities, You will recognize at least one business that keeps popping up. What that means they are using an SEO Expert. Do not think of SEO as something you should do, Think about it as something you have to do.

How to find an SEO Expert?

This is a tough question. At this time almost every client that calls me has had 2 to 3 different “SEO Experts” which did work on their site. One issue with that, you do not know that they did. We have logged into the website and it was a mess which made it incredibly hard for google to crawl the site. There isn't a website which promotes A+ rated SEO companies. My clients have told me they have found SEO Experts from every major search engine or directory. One piece of advice is always have them show you examples of their SEO work. But even that is questionable. I research my competition on a day to day basis and have discovered some but not all take credit for SEO they didn’t touch or even Websites they have claimed to design but after doing research it was designed by another company. ALWAYS CHECK YELP REVIEWS. Choosing a company with a track record could be a bit more expensive but at least you know they will provide you with professional work.

Does SEO require SSL on my site even though it is not an Online Store?

Yes! You need an SSL for any website these days. You used to only need for an online store but now google accredits you for having one. So if you have purchased you SSL, go ahead and go to Godaddy and purchase your SSL now.

Does Google Rank your Website?

No google does NOT rank your site, google ranks individual pages which in return will rank higher in the search results. Your site home page will rank but if you notice most big business sites pages are sublevel pages.

I have an existing site & would like more SEO but I don't want to lose the Links?

Your link never disappears but if the link is broken it will no longer rank on GOOGLE or other Major Search Engines. We use a 404 to 301 Redirect which will redirect to your home page or to any page you set it to manually. The best practice is to redirect those links to relevant pages on your new site. If you were ranking well for a page with the Lawyer in Orange County, then you would want to create a new Orange County Page & redirect visitors to that specific page.

How much content should I have on each page?

I try and use the principle of no less than 2000 words per page. Google Loves Content and so do your users. The more relevant information you can write about the topic is the best practice for any business.

How many links are good for SEO?

When it comes to links there is no answer. I have done years of research and have found you should have no less then 100 links. Also remember having this many links will require you to make sure your links are no broken at any point. Having broken links in your site will give your pages a lower ranking which you do NOT want that. Also your links should be relevant to topics or your services. Do not cram your site with irrelevant links!

How do I check if my pages are showing up on GOOGLE?

Ok. So you have created a website and are waiting to see if your page and been indexed by google.com. It is very simple; go ahead and type in google search bar - site:www.domain.com or site:domain.com. Depending on the way your URL shows up when you go to the home page will be the way you will search. You do not need to put http:// to https://.

Doing this will pull up all pages which google has crawled and is now showing live. If you do this everyday, you will begin to see your pages to start popping up and you can search your keywords to see if you site is ranking high. If you do a search and do not see your pages DO NOT worry! Google has not set any time it takes for googles bot to crawl your pages.

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